Our Appointment System




Appointments Available Online!

Its quick and easy and there is no waiting in a queue.

  • Why not try using your online platform Patient Access to book a GP appointment.
  • Just log on at 8am to see the availablitly and book for that day.

How to sign up for Patient Access


Appointments are facilitated by telephone, video call or face to face with a doctor. If you require an appointment with the doctor or nurse please call 020 8660 8292  and one of the reception staff will assist you further. Alternatively, use Patient Access or The NHS App to book appointments if you are signed up to the service.

You may choose to be seen at either Keston Medical Practice or The Moorings Practice. 

All requests for appointments will be triaged. Please do not come to the surgery unless requested to do so by a clinican.

Please arrive on time for your appointment. 


Seeing the right clinician

Our clinical team consists of a wide range of highly skilled doctors and nurses. Please be aware that our doctors are on hand to deal mainly with the more complex and serious problems. The majority of problems are more quickly and conveniently dealt with by using the skills of the whole clinical team. If every patient visiting the surgery were to request doctor attention over and above care from any other member of the clinical team, many patients with the greatest need to see a doctor would be kept waiting.  So please ask if an appointment with a practice nurse might be appropriate.

Our practice nurses deal with certain specialist areas and long-term conditions, as well as care for your routine treatment and check-up needs. Doctors are always on hand for support and advice where needed.


Interpreting Services

If you need an interpreter for your consultations, the reception staff will be able to arrange this for most languages, providing you inform reception at the time of booking your appointment.