What you tell us

When you visit the surgery we want you to feel able to  discuss anything with your doctor that might relate to your health.  This may include sexual matters, relationships, drugs, drinking, your mental health and your job, therefore you need to feel that anything you inform us of will remain absolutely confidential.  We take great care to ensure that no information you give us is passed on either inadvertently or through the deception of others.

The General Medical Council, whose rules on confidentiality apply to all doctors in theUK, enforces our duty of confidentiality to all patients.  The Practice is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. 

image depicting GDPR


Computer security

All persons who can access your record on computer have an individual unique password.  Different grades of staff have different levels of access.  Staff only have access to those parts of the computer record that they need to do their job.  An audit trail of who has used the computer is kept within the computer system, with every login recorded and identified by the user’s password.  All computers are anti-virus software loaded that is regularly updated to protect your medical record.


Members of your family

If you become ill it is understandable that your partner, your family or your carer will be concerned about you and may want to talk to the doctors. The doctor however cannot talk to them without your written consent. It may be easier to bring them with you when you come to see the doctor, if you are happy with them being present during your consultation.


Young people under 16

You have the right to confidentiality, as detailed previously, and a doctor will not disclose to parents or guardians information divulged during the consultation without your consent.


Access to medical records

You have the right to see your own medical record, both handwritten and computerised record. You should completed our secure online request for access and we will arrange an appointment or discuss the access requirements with you. Please note there may be a charge for accessing your record and any subsequent copying of the contents that you may request. The only time information contained in your medical record may by withheld is where there is a risk it could cause physical or mental harm to either yourself or a third party or it relates to a third party who has not given permission for disclosure.


Freedom of Information

The ICO has published a new Model Publication Scheme that all public authorities are required to adopt.